Felted Love.



Hand-knit & felted slippers for a beloved woman whom I have the honor of calling my friend. Never have I seen such trust, joy & faith in The Lord as I see in her. Thank you for doing life with me Jess – these beauts will be waiting for you at home when you get off work. Happy thanksgiving, sweet friend.


Incredible Cowl



An incredible cowl for an even more incredible gal who I am tremendously thankful for. I will be dropping this off tomorrow morning to that special someone and I hope it helps them realize how much I truly adore having them in my life. Happy Thanksgiving dear one.

Mara Shawl {Part 2}



Phil did the math for me…I have 7.5 hours of knitting left on this beauty before I can bind off. And since I have fantasized about it gorgeously warming my shoulders as we hop on the plane Thursday morning for our baby-less romantic getaway to Colorado — {say what!!} — I’m pretty sure you’re all going to have to pray that either my fingers don’t break…or my heart.