Heirloom Stocking {Part 2}



I count this creation as one of my most gratifying projects. As soon as my sister said she wanted me to knit her son a stocking for Christmas, I knew exactly which one I wanted to create: The ‘heirloom stocking.’ The Purl Bee says it best when they say it looks like it could have been plucked from a mantle sixty, eighty, or even a hundred years ago…and could grace a mantle a hundred years from now. Baby Benson, I hope your Christmases are indelibly marked by the excitement and joy over the sight of this sock bursting at the seams with toys, treasures & loot!


Heirloom Stocking {Part 1}



I’m knitting an heirloom Christmas stocking for my baby nephew, Benson. You can thank me when you’re older buddy…A knit stocking means lots of stretch, and lots of stretch means…well, LOTS of stuff! Hopefully I can bust this thing out in time to be shipped to Hawaii before Christmas arrives.