Crew’s Heirloom Blanket {Part 3}



My beloved unborn baby…I stitched this blanket special just for you. I intentionally selected five obscure colors to represent it’s palette, and chose a hearty fiber to endure plenty of weathering. Not a single fiber has been placed without my approval: every single strand has passed through the inspection of my fingers and every stitch has been perfectly looped to create something of favor and artistry in my sight. What delight I experienced in it’s making. And there is nothing quite like knowing that simultaneously as my hands gripped the needles and worked away…your Creator was stitching you together in my womb with even more purpose, intimacy and delight. He selected from a one-of-a-kind radiant palette to paint your eyes, hair and skin. He is knitting every fiber of your body exactly how it is supposed to look according to His pleasure and after His image. Not a single speck has become a part of you without His knowledge and approval. Please know dear one, that you have been built with purpose and beauty. Every fiber, every detail is hand selected by your loving Creator. And He is finding such pleasure and enchantment in every detail of your structure. I can’t wait to warm your tiny frame in the folds of this handmade treasure.


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