Crew’s Baby Socks {Part 3}

Little unborn baby Crew,

knitting is how your dear mommy gets through most of the episodes her life that challenge her patience. I’m pretty sure that the next four months are going to yield a whole pile of hand knits for your itty bitty self!

I figured that before you become a crazy wild guy and I have you as wiggly little peanut, it would be perfectly fitting to adorn your shoeless toes with the quiet elegance of luxury merino wool.

I knew that I wanted a classic sock, but what I didn’t know was that I’d have to thumb through hours of pages of frills and lace. It took some digging, but I finally found what I was after: simple shape, classic style, with absolute practicality. I will be so proud to pull these over your toes well into the fall and winter months. They are such a quintessential little pair; the kind of socks I hope you pass down to your son or daughter someday, becoming even more soft and loved as the years go by.



Here’s to you, little one. From my heart to my hands— love mama.


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