Crew’s Newborn Beanie.


As I watched this beautifully hand died thread pass through my fingers to somehow become what is now the most adorable newborn hat I have ever seen…I imagined its fate: it’s cozy elegance hugging your perfect newborn head as we take you home from the hospital. Oh how I hope my dream for this beanie comes true.

Knitting a newborn sized item is risky. What if the baby is bigger than average? Is 5 hours of knitting worth the 3 times the baby will actually wear the item? Because, Crew, if it doesn’t fit then that means that your head grew much larger than I anticipate pushing out- and this little beanie will have to be packed away in your baby box…unworn…until the day you have an average head-sized newborn of your own.

May God bless your little noggin. And may God be gracious to me in allowing your head to be no bigger than the bounds of this hat.



One thought on “Crew’s Newborn Beanie.

  1. Such beautiful words crafted around the making of your baby’s beanie. I feel your hopes and dreams for Crew… I wish you well and enjoy your time with your little humanbeing…Karen Robinson

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