The Brave Little GIVEAWAY!


106 yards of my handspun superfine merino…now, now…stop drooling and enter to win via Instagram @thebravelittlethread


Leather Soles?


Have any of you done leather soles? It took 3 years to finally wear holes in my French Press Felted Slippers. Oh these babies have seen some love. I’m thinking repatch, refelt and add soles…but I’m a leather-adding-rookie.

Any advice, talented friends?

A Spectacle Worth Lingering In.

As creators, I think we all have a tendency to constrict our sights on the end result. {And rightfully so…} But sometimes I find this natural impulse to be quite crippling. It can rob us of the grand display of rugged beauty that rests in the chaos of our creating.

I was convicted of this the other night as I admired the healthy batch of loveliness I just spun, which was clinging to the bobbin like budding puppy love. As I collected the night’s scraps to toss in the trash, I found myself entirely romanced by their radiant complexity. I paused myself in the beautiful mess to inspect these “creator’s crumbs.” And lo, there in the dross of my creative hour was a residual of ropy remnants like sinewy clouds. A sight awfully dazzling to me…a spectacle worth lingering in.

May I graciously encourage you, dear artists, to abide watchful in your creative doings. May you unapologetically pursue the element of surprise in your work and seek to explore the undomesticated particles of your efforts. You never know what sort of awe-inspiring exhibition you may find yourselves in.

Angora’s Reward.

My needles steadily worked last evening as they would any other. My body found retreat in the familiar curve of our warm leather couch and my hands became custodians, weaving the day’s saga into a lovely marriage of silky loops.

I shouldn’t have been so surprised when my eyes beheld the reward that is so conventional of angora: that unconventional glow. A display of elite fibers who are mysteriously chosen and then flung into the open air as if they were tossed with tempest and squalls of fury.

Oh how I love the windswept outcome of this heavenly thread…and don’t even get me started on the tactility of it. I’ll save that for another day.