First Four.

20140604-222634-80794022.jpg The first 4 spools of yarn I ever spun on my wheel. {superfine merino}.


11 thoughts on “First Four.

  1. I just pulled off my shetland, and made long long hank so I can dye it. Don’t know just how, but this particular hank told me it does not want to be plain white anymore.

      • See my comment on another post, for this. I just watched a lot of youtube videos to learn how.

        If I have unspun wool, i will jam the dry wool (I know what others say, but this is how I do this) into a mason jar, add vinegar water, and then the dry Country Classics on top. This makes for a varigated yarn as I spin.

        If I have top, I will run it back and forth in a 9×13 pan with just the barest vinegar water. I will spoon either dry dye on top, or I will use the same dye I mixed up. i will spoon it in various places, then nuke it for 30 seconds or so. The idea is to get the wool hot, not to cook it. So, nuke it to get it warm, then let it sit. If the water is coloured, then nuke it again let sit again. Do this several times until either the water is clear-ish, or you are satisfied.

        Gently take the wool out of the water — after it is cool — or dump it into a colander and let it drip. Don’t manipulate it too much here (yeah, right, who am I kidding? I gotta look at it). the wool I will place out on the deck to dry — I just got a sweater dryer for this purpose. My yarn I drape over the deck railings for a festive look.

      • yeah, me too. In fact, my first spinning venture was with my own homemade drop spindle. it was a hunk of 2×4 that I nailed to the sawhorse, used the skillsaw to cut off the corners making it somewhat round-ish. I then stuck a long knitting needle in the center, secured it with rubber bands and then i had to have my kids spin the thing while I figured out the drafting thing.

        My dying is either commercial with Country classics I get at Paradise Fibers, or with food dye using vinegar, or kool aide, or Easter egg dyes. all of which cook in my crockpot, or I drip some dye on the wool and nuke it. Lots of options.

      • Thank you. I will have to do this on my Adventures in Learning blog. I am in RN to BSN school, and don’t have a lot of time. So why am I sitting up on WP? Don’t know. But, thank you for the encouragement. Glad I could make you laugh.

        next, i will have to tell you about how I made a Walking Wheel using that same drop spindle and bicycle wheels. It didn’t work.

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