Shepherd’s Hand Knit Overalls.


I knit these toddler overalls up for my son, Shepherd, before I was even pregnant with him. I saw the pattern on the Purl Bee’s website and fell head over heels. I imagined someday having a little boy of my own, romping around outside on a grand adventure dressed adorably in his handmade overalls. And as it turns out, my son strangely looks all too similar to the little boy modeling the ones on their website…{weird}.

So yesterday I took my son {now 2 years old and just big enough to fill these out} to the strawberry patch for a day of eating and exploration.

I’m not sure there’s anything more satisfying than seeing my child clothed in an item I created from mere string. So amazing. It’s even more satisfying since this particular creation was troublesome for me {I had to frog 8 hours of work…TWICE!}.

I’m pretty sure he’ll be wearing these all summer if I have anything to do with it.



6 thoughts on “Shepherd’s Hand Knit Overalls.

  1. Looking at your darling boy reminds me of my early days of motherhood. I remember making little outfits for my two children when they were toddlers. It gave me much joy and pleasure in being able to do this for them – just as you say of yourself. I have a favourite picture of my son and my daughter in outfits I made for them to wear to a wedding we were to attend – it is one of my most treasured memories…

  2. the overalls that you knited for your son looks really nice šŸ™‚ . i think i’d make clothes for my kids as well when im older. (im only 15). and i think you did a really excellent job on the overalls.

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