My Favorite Helpers.

We all have a medley of bits and pieces that aid us in our projects. Stray darning needles, gobs of scrap yarn and stitch markers linked together like a barrel of monkeys. And we all play favorites, don’t we?

We’ll…I thought I’d share my ‘favorites’ with you all today.

20140614-031200-11520393.jpgOh how I adore these companionable three. First, my measuring tape, whom I found orphaned at a thrift shop one unsuspecting afternoon. Beautifully weathered and blistered from it’s previous owner’s creative whims. Secondly, these scissors…curiously sharp and unrealistically precise. A gift from my treasured mother-in-law. And lastly this project tote, an afterthought, really…she sat redundantly on my desk for too many months housing blank checks and paper clips until I was running out the door one day and said, “YOU! You are perfect fit,” and gorged her with the likes of yarn, stitch markers and dpn’s.

Thanks for stickin’ with me through the thick and thin, fellas. You sure are a helpful bunch.


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