Five Bitter Moments.

Five minutes. Five bitter moments was all it took for a knitter {with the countenance of an angry 2 year old} to rip out this object of contention. I will spare all you lovely, very self controlled friends, from the details of my unfettered wrath last night as I decided the fate of my 80% completed sweater. Let’s just say I was rashly conceiving to lay waste to its remains by throwing it out to the birds, or lighting it on fire. Hats off to my saint-of-a-husband who took on the impossible task of taming the emotions of this 7 month pregnant beast. Thanks to him, this beautiful bamboo fiber is not hanging from the gallows, and I will not be sentenced to Ravelry prison for the unmentionable things which I may have done against the printed version of my pattern.

My dejected heart wants to soothe itself with a little yarn shopping {but last night’s “savior of yarn” gently out his foot down on that coping skill}. It’s time to be a big girl, re-cake this yarn and move on.

I can already hear redemption calling in a Goodwill bag on my shelf filled with delicious strands of cashmere which I rescued from being a distasteful bulky sweater.

Thanks for letting me vent, fellow fiberists…it’s good to share with those who truly understand the grief of a project gone wrong.


2 thoughts on “Five Bitter Moments.

  1. Good for you. Bad that it was mostly done, good you have such a great guy. I have found that the more I frog things, the more willing I am too try new things. I figure that the idea is more to keep me of the streets and same than to actually have a finished product. That is icing on the fiber cake. That way now, you can have your (bamboo) cake and eat it too!

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