Angora’s Reward.

My needles steadily worked last evening as they would any other. My body found retreat in the familiar curve of our warm leather couch and my hands became custodians, weaving the day’s saga into a lovely marriage of silky loops.

I shouldn’t have been so surprised when my eyes beheld the reward that is so conventional of angora: that unconventional glow. A display of elite fibers who are mysteriously chosen and then flung into the open air as if they were tossed with tempest and squalls of fury.

Oh how I love the windswept outcome of this heavenly thread…and don’t even get me started on the tactility of it. I’ll save that for another day.


4 thoughts on “Angora’s Reward.

  1. My Angora bunnies produce fiber that does that. My tradition for my grand children is to make socks for the baby and the mommas, along with mittens and maybe a hat and sweater. I colour code the kids. So far I have a red boy and an orange boy. O RANGE boy had Angora socks bit I didn’t like them … yours are much prettier. I did use the Orange Angora to make mommas socks. Right now I am working on two pairs off toddler socks for Christmas. Maybe I can get sox done for every one … Maybe. Great colour, lovely project. Your baby is so fortunate. šŸ˜€

      • I have (had, he died) a Satin Angora, an English Apricot-coloured Angora and three hybrids from the Satin Angora x Satin Giant. They need plucking something fierce right now, and I could use more time.

        Yes, I have died my Angora socks for my daughter when she was pregnant with Orange Boy. They turned out nice, actually. Took the commercial dye very well.

        I recently went on a dying rampage, killing everything I had — but I haven’t touched the Angora yet. I am reluctant to do it.

        I don’t think you can ruin Angora any more than you can ruin Shetland or any other wool. Just be your same gentle self with the wool and all is well.

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