Luxury Knitting Notions


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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining- so should every WIP!


Puni-Style Angora Rolags.

20140719-000538-338908.jpg They may look beautiful- but they were an ugly spin. Oh you guys I’m telling you… I had the hardest time. Perhaps it was the “hand carders” I bought from Petco…$4.99/per. Haha, I think it’s about time to grow up and get the real thing.

Why the Beanie in July…


Oh the irony, as I cast off in the middle of a Portland heat wave! I place all blame on not finishing this beanie last fall on the toothpick-like size 2 needles it took to create it. I have so much respect for those of you who have the patience for such tedious work… But I can certainly understand what drives you… The stitches are so lovely when they’re so teeny tiny .

Pattern: Simple Moss Stitch Hat by Halldora J.