I’ve Missed You.

Hello knitting friends!

Contrary to the absence of my posts, there has been much momentum. All the action of The Brave little Thread has taken place on my Instagram feed, that proves to be much easier to keep up on I apologize for my slack in posting on here.

In the last month, I successfully launched an auction that raised money for a family who suffered the loss of their daughter to a rare and devastating Neuroblastoma. {Details can be found on my IG feed}. I also underwent a mega yarn dying binge that resulted in a boom in sales over on my Etsy shop. All the while, I’ve grown an estimated 7 pound whopper in my stomach with another 2 weeks to go.

Things have been amazing. Busy. Fun!

I would still LOVE to be a part of the conversation we have started here on the blog, but since I don’t frequent this platform as often, I would love to have you join me over on Instagram so we can continue our friendship there!



{37 weeks pregnant with my We Are Knitters wool}.