Felting is Magic.

i am in love with these felted clogs by Fiber Trends.   



Leather Soles?


Have any of you done leather soles? It took 3 years to finally wear holes in my French Press Felted Slippers. Oh these babies have seen some love. I’m thinking repatch, refelt and add soles…but I’m a leather-adding-rookie.

Any advice, talented friends?

A Spectacle Worth Lingering In.

As creators, I think we all have a tendency to constrict our sights on the end result. {And rightfully so…} But sometimes I find this natural impulse to be quite crippling. It can rob us of the grand display of rugged beauty that rests in the chaos of our creating.

I was convicted of this the other night as I admired the healthy batch of loveliness I just spun, which was clinging to the bobbin like budding puppy love. As I collected the night’s scraps to toss in the trash, I found myself entirely romanced by their radiant complexity. I paused myself in the beautiful mess to inspect these “creator’s crumbs.” And lo, there in the dross of my creative hour was a residual of ropy remnants like sinewy clouds. A sight awfully dazzling to me…a spectacle worth lingering in.

May I graciously encourage you, dear artists, to abide watchful in your creative doings. May you unapologetically pursue the element of surprise in your work and seek to explore the undomesticated particles of your efforts. You never know what sort of awe-inspiring exhibition you may find yourselves in.

Fear in our Knitting.

We’ve all been there…hastily casting on to begin knitting the most coveted handmade item when one word sends your fingers nerveless. Or gazing upon the latest of Ravelry’s most popular patterns with sullen eyes, thinking “You’ll never be good enough to make THAT.”

We all have our knitting aversions. Even the best of them. From anything as simple as learning to cast on…to learning fair isle. The truth is, we’re all destined to encounter a spectrum of timidity in our knitting endeavors.

My question…what causes this creeping self doubt and how do we overcome the nagging sense of cowardice when it comes to certain aspects of knitting? How do we continue to, again and again step out of our comfort zones…past the place of security?

For about 3 years my biggest qualm was short rows. {Oh you petty tyrant, you}. My reoccurring living nightmare played out too many times. I’d see an infectious pattern somewhere and hastily purchase the yarn and collect my needles..cast on…start happily knitting and peruse the pattern. Then, like a funnel cloud the the word “Short Rows” would gloomily slide into my view and angst would take over each of my organs one by one. It wouldn’t be 5 seconds before I’d be gutless under this dastardly giant. Like a coward, i’d rip apart my work all sour and milksop. “I hate short rows.” {The truth is, I only tried them once. But ripping out 3 hours of work can leave quite the traumatic mark}. Eventually, I came across a design {involving short rows} too lovely to give up on…and I coupled it with a Madelinetosh yarn that seemed to want to knit itself, and I pushed through and figured it out. And oh the empowerment… oh the JOY.

We’ve all been there as knitters. And whether you’re beginning or advanced, I’m sure you have a growing list of qualms you’ve conquered.

How satisfying is it when we muster the grit to knit blindly into a pattern – learn if we must {Call the grandma down the street, YouTube tutorials, google forums, etc} and make it through?! Not only are we in one piece, but we are infused with brawn..wisdom…and self-trust!

So what causes this crippling sense of futility? Why, when it comes to certain things, do we just not believe in ourselves?

If you ask me, it’s fear of failure. Fear is such a B.

Let me reason with you…YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Dear friend, you may be so fear-stricken that you truly cannot see what you are capable of. You may have been so beat down by past failures that you are stuck in a rut of knitting similar versions of the same old comfortable pattern. You may be telling yourself that you’re still a “beginniner” when truly you are intermediate. You may be purchasing cheap, uninspiring yarn to “test the waters” on projects you are secretly telling yourself you’ll fail on.

I want you to do something for me…

Take a step back and gaze upon all you have created in the past. Surely even that took courage. Surely you are worth investing in. Surely, if you were to really look…you would see that you are undoubtedly brave. Think about what you have ACTUALLY done…you have transformed a mere thread into fabric! You have made something out of practically nothing!

Surely you have felt that pulse of energy as you grasp the needles and fiber…unabashed potential just resting at your fingertips, waiting for your next move..beckoning you to embrace whatever it is that you’ve been avoiding in your knitting endeavors and GROW…LEARN…BE VICTORIOUS.

Knitting is an adventure. Be brave, dear friends.

I am rooting for you,

Gina Zahn

What pattern have you had your eye on that you just haven’t found the courage to attempt? Do you have a certain “knitting aversions” that steer you away from certain projects? I want to hear about it!!

Slipper-y Trickery



Phil’s slippers vs. Moose Man.

This has been one of those projects for me that I was feverishly eager to cast on, but has turned out to be a strained and laborious finish. When will I ever complete these felted wool slippers I promised Phil forever ago? Moose Man is NOT helping. He’s advocating I put the needles away and give him some loves. Who will conquer my affections this go ’round…?

Felted Love.



Hand-knit & felted slippers for a beloved woman whom I have the honor of calling my friend. Never have I seen such trust, joy & faith in The Lord as I see in her. Thank you for doing life with me Jess – these beauts will be waiting for you at home when you get off work. Happy thanksgiving, sweet friend.